These are some of our current Templates

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Simple Shop website Template
Simple Shop Template
Socialmedia Website Template
Socialmedia Template
Good looking shop website
Website Template
Coming soon..

Problems with the Setup?
No Webspace? We can help

We offer an additional service to set up your website template for an extra fee. For just €4,99 per month, we can also host your website to ensure it runs smoothly and seamlessly. Our team of experts will provide comprehensive support and ensure that your website stays up and running 24/7.


Cloud Logo Template
Cloud Logo
Crown Logo Template
Crown Logo
Shopping Bag Logo Template
Shopping Bag Logo
Sector Logo Template
Sector Logo
Shopping cart Logo Template
Shopping cart Logo
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Advertising Banner
Premium Thread Design
Thread Design #1
3D Text Banner
3D Spinning Logo
Retro Banner
Retro Banner
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Discord Ticket Bot
Ticket Bot
Discord Income Bot
Income Bot
Discord Giveaway Bot
Giveaway Bot
Website Template
Coming soon..

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can either contact us on our contact page or on our Discord Server. You can expect an faster answer on discord.

Sure, we can make an custom product for you. Just contact us via our contact page or on our Discord Server.

Sure for a little fee, we will help.

Depends on what you purchase and how busy we're, it may take up to 7days but normally it shouldn't. If you purchas something custom that we make for you, we will discuss with you how long it will take.

We offer Stripe, Credit Card, PayPal, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Etherum, Skrill, Steam Items, CashApp and Giftcards but only Steam, Amazon Germany, Google Play & Riot Games. If you want to pay with a method that is not listed just contact us.

We do! If you want to buy something just for yourself, contact us on our contact page or our Discord Server. You can expect an faster answer on discord.

Surely we can help, depends on how much we need to help you, we may ask for a fee to help you.

Since we sell digital products, we do NOT offer refunds. If you purchased something custom we can talk about changing the product to your liking.

Yes, we do care about copyright and we'll never try to sell a template that is not made by us!

Most likely everything you need to have, to edit the product to your liking. If you want to know it exactly, contact us and include which product you want to know it of, and we will be happy to tell you.

Yes our websites are made to work on every device. So you can easily access the website on mobile, laptop as well as on your PC.

We program our bots in C#.

Sure, for a little fee we can merge multiple of our discord bot, to only one with all the functions.

Sure, we can do that. Just contact us and we can discuss the price for it.